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DOFET produces from more than 50 years stainless steel scissors with nylon handles. It was established in 1967 by the brothers Domenico and Federico Tenderini in Premana, the district worldwide famous for the production of scissors and cutting instruments.

DOFET has always been a point of reference as supplying partner for important brands that distributes these scissors worldwide. The creation of the own brand MILLEMETRI aims to reach the market directly, with its best products.

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Certified 100% made in Italy

The brand MILLEMETRI is certified 100% made in Italy.

What does it mean? That every scissor of the MILLEMETRI collection is entirely produced in Italy using high quality materials, following the Italian style, in observance of the measures for safety and environment protection, respecting hygiene and ethical norms.

The certification is assigned only after numerous audits to check that the entire production process of the scissors is carried out in Italy with respect of a series of norms defined in particular in art. N 16 of act 166/2009.

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Home-made Scissors

We select the best steel on the market to offer the best possible combination between hardness, stainless steel properties and high cutting performance, specific for each use.

But the real added value comes from how the sharpening is done, with extremely precise machinery, programmed with particular settings, the result of years of experience. Everything completed by manual operations and checks piece by piece.

The result is a unique cutting experience: MILLEMETRI scissors are ergonomic and lightweight to reduce work fatigue during long use, the functioning is very smooth but at the same time extremely effective.

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