Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance

Scissors care and maintenance

When treated with due attention, your MILLEMETRI ® scissors will accompany you throughout a lifetime. In order to maintain the stainless and high cutting properties of these precision instruments always at their best here are some simple tips:

· Avoid to leave traces of dirt and water on the blades. Dry them properly after each use.

· Periodically clean the blades, open the scissors and put a small drop of mineral oil on the screw slot. Optimal is the Vaseline oil of pharmaceutical grade. Apply it and clean it immediately after. This will leave a lubricant film that makes the blades run fluidly one over the other.

· We recommend to use a pair of scissors for the purpose it was designed for. This guarantees excellent and long-lasting cutting performance.

· Even if not recommended, when you use your MIILLEMETRI ® scissor to cut adhesive tape or scotch it is important to remove immediately any trace of glue using a solvent (for example alcohol) and then to put a drop of mineral oil. Any glue stain that remains on the blade can damage the smoothness of the cut and cause premature wear of the cutting edge.

· Our MILLEMETRI ® scissors are very strong, but their cutting edges are delicate and we recommend maximum attention to prevent any fall down.

· Don’t keep your MILLEMETRI ® scissors unattended, these are scissors that cut!


We recommend to choose professional knife grinders that can re-sharpen the cutting edges of your MILLEMETRI scissors using wet grinding wheels and proper tools.

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